Saturday, December 17, 2011

Recommendation: 'I can't keep my own secrets' edited by Rachel Fershleiser

I can't keep my own secrets : six-word memoirs by teens famous & obscure : from Smith magazine edited by Rachel Fershleiser and Larry Smith

I can't keep my own secrets is a collection of roughly 800 true life stories in only six-words or less, as submitted by teens. It's absolutely amazing what one can convey with just six words Admissions, confessions, secrets of love, loss, hope, expectation, friendship, abuse, the complexities/simplicities of day to day life, the bits we like and, of course, the bits we don't. I thought Twitter was gosh darn cool with a limit of 140 characters, but these mini-memoirs take that one step further. You'll find that these tales cover every circumstance and every emotion, and in such a manner it makes me wonder what my own 6 words would be. These true tales, as submitted by teens, are full of humour, honesty, humility and heartbreak. I am constantly amazed by the power of words, and never more so than with I can't keep my own secrets. If you enjoy inspiring words without all of the fanfare then this is your kind of book.

I'd also recommend that you take time to read the adult version, too; Not quite what I was planning : six-word memoirs by writers famous and obscure.

But if you think you need more reasons to pick up this book, then here are 5 six-word teen memoirs that make this book beautiful:

  1. Superpowers would make things easier - Steven W.
  2. Her touch made my scars beautiful - Kelli G.
  3. Love: not enough, all there is - Katie B.
  4. Found God in bucket of paint - Alex W.
  5. Maps make the journey less interesting - McAllister C.

Reviewer comments:

  • "The range of powerful emotions, expressed in just a few words, make this an ideal pick for teens seeking evocative, easily relatable stories." (Publishers Weekly)
  • "...a compelling compendium that will provoke laughter-"Mom just revoked my creative license"; sadness-"Grandma is dying while I'm out shopping"; and empathy and thought-"In the nest, twigs are sharp.""(School Library Journal)
  • "This is the sort of book people browse on a whim, and for its appointed purpose, it has just the right proportion of humor and heartbreak." (Booklist)
  • ~ tosca.


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