Friday, December 30, 2011

Recommendation: 'Eve' by Anna Carey

Eve by Anna Carey.

Eve has always been the model student at her School, the child who worked the hardest to learn the lessons she had to learn, the student who helped the other students with their work and following the rules, and the student who has gained the Medal of Achievement – the highest award a student in the School can earn. But in just a few moments, Eve learns that everything she has ever believed, all she has ever been taught about her future is a lie, and that if she stays in the School her future will be a living nightmare. With the help of a teacher, Eve escapes into the wilds around the School, but she is no safer on the outside than she is on the inside.

All her life Eve was taught to remain wary of men, to hide from them, to avoid their attempts at Manipulation. All her lessons mean nothing when she meets Caleb, a boy on the verge of becoming a man, someone she finds herself drawn to despite all the warnings sounding from everything she learnt at the School. Then Eve learns that even in the wild she is not safe from the King of New America and his plans for the future – and neither are the people she meets and travels with on her journey. Eve’s only chance is to make it to Califia, but can she make the journey to safety despite all the obstacles in her way? A fantastically fast-paced read packed with adventure and mystery to keep you reading from start to finish.

A five star read.

- Em

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