Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Introducing Tamora Pierce

Tamora Pierce is one of those authors you grow with – and through. If you’re a girl who doesn’t quite fit in to the girly-mould, or wants to be something different – there’s a Pierce heroine out there for you. (You might have realised that I really like her books!)

If you’re really into fantasy novels – but find most of them feature male leads – then try out Tamora’s books. 

A life-long love of books, words, fantasy and science-fiction culminated in the 1983 publication of Alanna: the first adventure – and Pierce hasn’t looked back since. Although it took until 1992 before she could give up other jobs and write full-time.

You can find out more about her on her official website.

The Tortall books:
The Song of the Lioness quartet:
The Immortals quartet:
The Protector of the Small quartet:

Trickster series:
Beka Cooper series:

Winding Circle:
The Circle of magic quartet:
The Circle opens quartet:
She has also had stories published in these anthologies, most of the stories are gathered together in
There’s an interview with her in The wand in the word.

- Annie


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