Thursday, October 6, 2011

Introducing 'No Laughter Here' by Rita Williams-Garcia

No laughter here by Rita Williams-Garcia.

How would you feel if you’ve spent the whole holidays waiting for your best friend to come home and you got a completely different person wearing their name?

Akilah is waiting, impatiently, for her best friend Victoria’s return from a family visit to Nigeria to see her grandmother. However, this is a completely different Victoria. She’s really quiet and unhappy. Akilah is confused and wants to know what happened. Eventually, Victoria tells her secret.

This is a wonderful novel about friendship. But, it’s also a ground-breaking novel about female genital mutilation, and told in an approachable way. 

If you want to stretch your knowledge of a not-spoken about issue – and raise your awareness – give this one a go. You might need a couple of tissues, though. 

- Annie


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