Saturday, July 16, 2011

Recommendation'POD' by Stephen Wallenfels

POD by Stephen Wallenfels

Yay at last a teenage novel which does not feature vampires or werewolves. It does however feature aliens, which is good.

The reader doesn’t know what the aliens look like. They just arrive one day over America in their shiny metallic spheres. All the power to electrical devices stop working. Chaos begins as the spheres, or PODs, zap any humans caught in the open. On the West Coast of America, 12-year-old Megs is caught in a hotel car park by herself. Over on the East Coast, 16-year-old Josh is stuck at home with his father. For Megs it becomes a matter of finding a kitten that she befriends, but without being caught by the armed thugs patrolling the car park. For Josh and his father it is a matter of them both not killing each other as they spend time locked up in each other’s company. Around them, the PODs employ different tactics to suck up any human life forms.

POD is a quick read. I would have liked to read more about the aliens than the survival story of both Megs and Josh. End-of-the-world novels are always good though because they do make you think could it happen in my life time and what would happened if I was the last person left on earth? A good read. I think Wallenfels next novel will be good. That is if he writes another one, which I hope he does.

- Barry

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