Saturday, July 23, 2011

Recommendation: 'Inside out' by Maria V. Snyder

Inside out by Maria V. Snyder

Trella’s world is divided into the Uppers and the Lowers – the uppers live in the space of the upper levels, while the scrubs like Trella do the menial labour that keeps the Inside running. It doesn’t seem too bad to Trella, except for the fact that there is no space in the lower levels, and the only chance for her to escape is to spend almost all her time in the pipes that she maintains. However, her world is about to be rocked by a new Prophet who has come to the lower levels preaching about the Gateway, the mystical exit to the world Outside. Outside is a chance to escape from the Pop Cops who control everything about the lower levels and keep control with the threat of Chomper, the recycling machine that ensures nothing biological is wasted.

It is a world controlled through fear, where the scrubs are treated like livestock and the uppers are considered the lucky ones who live with space to spare and no restrictions. When Trella gets caught up in a dangerous conspiracy she begins to realise that nothing about her world is what it seems. Look out for the sequel Outside in.

A five star read.

- Em

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