Thursday, July 7, 2011

Meeting Cassandra Clare

It’s not every day you get to listen, chat and take pictures with one of the biggest names in young adult fiction, but we (my friends and I). did just that when we spoke to Cassandra Clare. She is the author of The Mortal Instruments series and Infernal Devices series, and was in town for the Auckland Writers & Readers Festival 2011.

It was an amazing turnout, despite the weather, and It was very interesting to hear her talk to the fans about her inspirations, the places she has been, and how her ideas and planning of her books work.

She gave really good advice for young writers about how she overcomes writers block. “Surround yourself with people” she said. “Feed them your ideas and they will give you ideas back.” She also told us how she got the idea for *Magnus Bayne :): a friend of hers who lives in Wellington came to the US to visit her, and after a night of clubbing they went to a burger joint. He was covered in glitter and the girl who served them said “I’ve never seen a shining man before.” (Everyone laughed at this point.) She was really cool, and down to earth, even though there was a huge line of people waiting for her to sign their books, I think she managed quite well :).

We asked her when it was our turn to get our books signed whether her hand was sore, but she just laughed and said “Well I’ve had a lot of practice, when signing books for those giant warehouses in America” ^_^.

Be sure to look out for her next book City of Fallen Angels which is out now. I’m still finishing off Clockwork Angel lol.

- Keez


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