Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Introducing Sarah Dessen

I’ll be up front about this – I <3 Sarah Dessen.

Sarah’s had ten novels published so far – and it’s really difficult for me to pick my favourite. Like Joan Bauer and Chris Crutcher she has amazingly human characters with real-life situations – some of them heart-breaking.

Years ago I lent one of sisters The truth about forever. She wondered what on earth I was doing, giving her this girly-teen book to read. But, she trusted my book judgement and gave it a go. I then had to get out all of Sarah’s books for her.

Her characters grab you and hold onto your heartstrings. Give her a go, and let me know what you think.

  • That summer. Also available as a downloadable eAudiobook and as an eBook
  • Someone like you
  • PS – these two were rewritten together as How to deal
  • Keeping the moon. Also published as Last chance
  • Dreamland
  • This lullaby. Also available on CD
  • The truth about forever
  • Just listen
  • Lock and key. Also available on CD and as a downloadable eBook
  • Along for the ride. Also available as a downloadable eBook
  • What happened to goodbye. Also available on CD
  • There’s also Infinity, a short story. Also available as a downloadable eBook
  • Find out more on her official site.

    - Annie


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