Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Introducing Cooking

Let’s get cooking!

In a few years time you’ll probably be cooking for yourself, or others. So why not get your cooking skills off to a good start now. My mum did the cooking for our family, so I was on a steep learning curve when I went flatting. I don’t recommend starting like that. Trust me.

There’s some great new and recent cookbooks out there aimed at teens – so check them out and have a play. Let me know about your success – or failures.

I’ve tried sticking to books that don’t treat you like an imbecile who has never stepped into a kitchen before.

Who’s cooking tonight by Claire Gourley A great, recent and NZ cook book aimed at teens. The recipes go from snacks to mains. Quick & easy to slightly more complicated. There’s something for everyone in this gem. Find out more on the website, itsmyturntocooktonight.

Real food, real fast by Sam Stern Organised into how much time you have to cook – from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. Try his other cookbooks, too, for more inspiration. Check out his website for more info.

Teen cuisine by Matthew Locricchio. From comfort-food favs to slightly more international cuisine, this book has it all.

How to cook From ice-cream to bread to chilli con carne – and all points in between

Teens cook by Megan and Jill Carle Clear instructions and fun asides make this book like you’re in the kitchen with these siblings.

And don’t forget – the Edmonds cookery book From how to boil an egg and all points harder. Check out a few different editions and explore the recipes. Every New Zealand home should have one of these.

PS – some of these books use American terms and measurements. I found this website quite helpful to convert them into more familiar terms. Cilantro, anyone?

Some teen fiction featuring cooking and cooks:

  • Close to famous by Joan Bauer
  • Hot lunch by Alex Bradley
  • The crepe maker’s bond by Julie Crabtree
  • Girls dinner club by Jessie Elliot
  • Recipe for disaster by Maureen Fergus
  • The cupcake queen by Heather Hepler
  • The teashop girls by Laura Schaefer
  • Dear Julia by Amy Bronwen Zemser
  • - Annie


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