Thursday, July 14, 2011

Introducing 'The bone tiki' by David Hair

The bone tiki by David Hair.

I love reading books set in New Zealand, and this is a particularly awesome example because it’s a kiwi action-packed adventure/fantasy book. The bone tiki is a modern story but with elements of Māori myth and legend sneaking into today’s world.

Matiu Douglas steals a bone tiki from a tangi, which leads to all sorts of trouble. Mat is forced to run for his life. Along the way he is joined by an odd cast of characters including a girl-clown, a dog who is strangely human and a long-dead warrior.

Mat is an appealing character, an ordinary kid swept up in a truly extraordinary adventure. This is a great story, with two sequels, The taniwha’s tear and The lost tohunga continuing the mayhem.

- Lucy


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