Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Introducing Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Amelia’s first book - In the forests of the night - was published when she was 15. Yep. 15! On her 14th birthday she got the phone call saying they wanted to publish her manuscript. Since then, she’s published 12 books (and counting).

So – if you’re into vampire / werewolves / shapeshifters – and novels with a bit of romance. Maybe some horror… it’s time to check out Amelia’s list.

It started with the Den of Shadows:

  • In the forests of the night
  • Demon in my view
  • Shattered mirror
  • Midnight predator
  • You can get these four in one volume – The den of shadows quartet
  • All just glass
  • Then the Kiesha’ra series:

  • Hawksong
  • Snakecharm
  • Falcondance
  • Wolfcry
  • Wyvernhail
  • All of them are collected together in The shapeshifters

    And a couple of stand-alone titles:

  • You can get these in one volume
  • On her official site – try out the shapeshifter quiz! I found out I would be an Avian.

    The Den of Shadows – Amelia’s blog she tries to update


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