Thursday, May 5, 2011

Recommendation: 'The knife of never letting go' by Patrick Ness

The knife of never letting go by Patrick Ness

Look at the people around you right now. Imagine if you could hear everything they’re thinking. Their thoughts are loud and constantly surround you. It’s not just the interesting thoughts though, it’s absolutely every single tiny thing they think. “I’m hungry” “I’m bored” “What’s that smell?”. All the time, everywhere, always, your world is full of the sound of people thinking.

Todd lives in this world. A place where there are no females only males, and everyone and everything is constantly creating “noise”. Until Todd’s thirteenth birthday that is, when everything turns upside-down. Todd finds a place where there is… silence. On returning home, his adoptive parents, fearful of some unknown danger, insist he must escape. Armed only with a backpack and his dog Manchee, Todd leaves Prentisstown.

On the road he stumbles across Viola, a female who has crash landed her space ship on New World. It is she who is responsible for the small patch of silence he had found. As Todd and Viola travel through the country, heading for Haven, the most advanced settlement on New World; danger surrounds them. The Mayor of Prentisstown’s son is in pursuit, determined to kill Todd.

The knife of never letting go is a non-stop rollercoaster ride. Todd and Viola flee, pursued by a continuous stream of enemies, fighting for their lives on more than one occasion. So much of what Todd believes about his world is based on lies. As he gradually uncovers truth after truth, his horror grows. This is a story unlike anything else you have ever read. It’s a great mix of adventure, fantasy and mystery. The best news is that it is book one in the Chaos Walking Trilogy and books two and three continue this crazy paced adventure, at the same intense pace. I'd highly recommend this trilogy, with one warning, it will leave you exhausted!

- Lucy


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