Sunday, May 15, 2011

AWRF: Meg Rosoff & Margo Lanagan

Meg Rosoff and Margo Lanagan.

This is just a quick note - while I let the thoughts, images, and amazement from the session percolate through my brain, and become much more cohesive in a few day's time.

With the emphasis on darkness and depression, it’s hard to believe that this was such a fun session! But, that is the flip side of these, isn’t it? Lightness and joy. And you need both.

Controversy? Oh, yes. Margo gets this a fair bit. And Meg, by mistake. She is confounded by those who don’t have an issue with the underaged sex in How I live now, but protest about the fact it’s between cousins. Which is legal. Odd.

Both talked about writing such dark themes as a way of dealing with the depressive elements of their psyches – it becomes work, and can be packed up and contained, leaving you free to live the rest of your life.

They talked about ideas – plotting – age groups – weirdness – fate – cancer – research… and I’ll tell you more about it next week. Promise.

- Annie


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