Thursday, April 14, 2011

Recommendation: 'Through thick and thin' by Gok Wan

Through thick and thin : my autobiography by Gok Wan

You must know of Gok Wan. Maybe you’re a fan of his TV shows – How to look good naked, and Gok’s fashion fix. He’s the face of SpecSavers – and been interviewed in NZ. He’s famous for being comforting, supportive – and fond of breasts. And, for having lots a huge amount of weight. In this honest, up-front, autobiography, Gok shares his journey.

I know this is in the adult section – and, yes, Gok swears in the book (sorry, any parents reading this) – but his story is one I’m sure a lot of can identify with. As an obese, mix-raced teen – who was realising he was gay – Gok was a target for bullies. He tells how he made changes in his life, and attitude, to help him survive, and overcome the bullying. But – also – how easily his confidence was knocked back. He’s brutally honest about his struggles with his weight – and how it almost killed him. And, he’s upfront about where he is now, mentally, and dealing with his anorexia.

If you need to know that you can make it through – that there is light and a future for you – then, please, read this. Whatever you are struggling with, Through thick and thin could help.

- Annie


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