Saturday, April 16, 2011

Recommendation: 'The declaration' by Gemma Malley

The declaration by Gemma Malley

Welcome to the future, where the power of science has stopped the aging process through a miracle drug called Longevity. Now people don’t grow old and die, instead they live a long life free of disease. But there is a heavy price to pay – once you start taking Longevity you agree to the Declaration, and one of the most important parts of the Declaration is that you will not have children. If you break the rules and have a child, that child becomes a Surplus, and they pay the cost of your Sin.

Anna is a Surplus, her life is ruled by the goal to become a Valuable Asset, a Surplus who pays for her burden on Mother Nature by being a servant for the Legal people of the world. Her world is strictly ordered by routine and trainnig, until a Surplus appears who has lives his life in the Real World. Peter is everything Anna is not, he is brave, curious, and defies the unbreakingly strict Mrs. Pincent who runs the Surplus Hall where they all live. But there is more to Peter than meets the eye, he knows things about Anna, and he claims to know her parents.

As Anna learns more about the world around her, so does the reader. In the beginning this book seems a little slow to unravel, a little slow to get to the point, but then it accelerates, rocketing towards a unbelievable and totally satisfying ending. Try The Declaration and its sequel, The Resistance.

A five star read.

- Em


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