Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tiger Eyes

Found among the interwebs:

Judy Blume's 1981 novel about grief and recovery - Tiger Eyes - is being made into a movie.

The Daily Beast interviewed her about the process of adapting the book.

Judy Blume is one of America's most-loved children's and teens' authors - with a great many award-winning books to her name. And a lot of controversial and banned books, too! Often the same ones. Funny that.

Anyway - you can read more about her on her official website - or on good-ole wikipedia.

Tiger Eyes tells the story of Davey, who is grieving after her father is shot and killed in a store holdup. With her remaining immediate family members, she moves to New Mexico. There she meets Wolf, who seems to understand how she's feeling. It's a heart-breaking book - so will be interesting to see how it translates onto the screen.

- Annie


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