Thursday, October 21, 2010

Recommendation: 'Mice' by Gordon Reece

Mice by Gordon Reece

So, you’ve left school because of the bullying. When the bullies tried to set fire to you that was enough. You had to leave. So you stay at home and become home schooled. This goes well for awhile until one night someone breaks into your house. All that pent up rage that you kept inside you after the bullying comes out and you end up killing the intruder. Now you’ve got a body to dispose of. When you finally think life is getting back to normal you're faced with killing another person. Can you do it?

It’s great to find a suspenseful thriller written for teens. A genre sadly lacking for teens. Gordon Reece has written a good thriller. Although the murder happens early in the novel there is enough there to keep the reader interested until the next major bit of activity comes along. It’s a good read. And why the odd title of Mice for a thriller? That’s what Shelly calls herself and others who are meek and never stand up for themselves. That’s what she believes.

- Barry


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