Friday, October 22, 2010

Recommendation: 'The Glass Demon' by Helen Grant

The glass demon by Helen Grant

Lin and her somewhat dysfunctional family leave their comfortable lives in the UK and find themselves in a rundown castle in the backwaters of Germany. Why are they there, so her father can research the Allerheiligen glass – a medieval stained glass window of immense beauty, and rumoured to contain a demon. But there is something dark and dangerous surrounding the famous windows, and as Lin and her family settle into their new lives it appears as though the legend of the demon which inhabits the glass may not be so fanciful after all, as people begin to die with shards of glass near the bodies. Dealing with death and demons is bad enough, but Lin’s personal and family lives are not exactly peaceful either. Told in short punchy chapters, this book drags you along at a breathtaking pace, taking you through twists and turns, and highs and lows as you race towards to the surprising and shocking ending.

- Em


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