Friday, October 15, 2010

Does fantasy and/or science-fiction rock your world?

NZ author Helen Lowe has asked authors from NZ, Aussie and 1 Candian why fantasy and/or science-fiction rocks their world.

Head on over to her blog to check it out.

Does it rock your world? If it does - drop us a comment and let us know why.

It rocks mine. It's a chance to escape the humdrum of 'real life' - who hasn't wished for special powers, or a sword, at times!

Even at its worst (and there's some baaaad stuff out there), it lets you imagine another world - and another reality. At its best - it allows you to reflect upon your reality and world.

It gives you a chance to explore what if?

Have you read Bernard Beckett's Genesis? You'll need your thinking head on for this one, as it explores what it is to be human, and the effects our (ie human) actions have on the world.

Other NZ authors have also explored dystopian / post-apocalyptic worlds recently. Like Mandy Hager's Blood of the Lamb trilogy and Fleur Beale's Juno of Taris books.

How would you cope if all the adults vanished? This has been a recurring theme over the years - but Charlie Higson took it the nth degree with The Enemy. Society totally breaks down - and the adults who survive the infection (whatever it is) become zombies, hunting down the children.

What if you did have superpowers? Would you use them for good or ill? Think Superman - or the wicked fairy in so many tales. Or Gandalf v Sauron.

I'm not athletic - and couldn't wield a weapon to save myself. But authors like Tamora Pierce let me explore what it would be like to be a lady knight and/or have magic.

Where does fantasy and science-fiction let you go?

- Annie


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