Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's comic book month!

Libraries are getting into Comic Book Month - check out the list of events and comps available.

Who's your fav comic book author? Let us know in the poll...

In honour of the event... a comic book review!

Scott Pilgrim Vs the World: 16 colour (if you’re old enough to even remember) fighting computer games mixed with comic books of doom plus making fun of indie culture rolled into a healthy mix of good music. Scott Pilgrim would be also described as silly, but artfully clever. Here’s the jist of the plot: Scott Pilgrim is dating a high schooler when he meets Ramona, who has bright pink hair and a typical indie attitude. Once they start “dating” Scott is challenged by the league of evil exes, he must defeat all of them to win the privilege of being Ramona’s boyfriend. At the same time they are also trying win battle of the band! Go see it! Now! Pssst also Scott Pilgrim is also a comic. Psssssst the library has all the volumes of the comic and the movie soundtrack.

- Teigs


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