Sunday, August 8, 2010

The unspoken

A recent newspaper editorial - from the Dominion Post - raised the issue of the non-reporting of suicides in the media.

Media outlets - newspapers, radio, TV, etc - are not allowed to talk about suicide, or report a suicide, in the fear that such reports would encourage copycat acts. Unfortunately, New Zealand has one of the highest rates of suicide in the world.

I think it is important that this issue is out there and discussed.

If you need help - or are worried about a friend - there are places you can contact.

One of your first options should be Youthline. You can free text on 234; you can email them on; or you can free phone them on 0800 37 66 33 (free only from a landline).

If you're dealing with grief, you can also try Skylight.

A good website for advice is Urge.

The library also has books which might help you through:

Help and understanding is available. Please use it.

- Annie


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