Friday, June 11, 2010

The hunt for happy

At the Central Library Teen Book Club meetings I made it to, we’ve hunted all through the shelves trying to find happy books.

I’ve been working with – and reading – teen books for years so I know a few books.

Want some dystopian fiction? I can rattle off a whole heap. New Zealand dystopian? Sure thing!

Books about global warming – you know, fiction where the icebergs have melted and stuff. Yep.

Epic fantasy – oh yes. Lots of it.

What about books written by a teenager dying? Not a problem.

Or teens with dying/dead parent/sibling. Oh there’s HEAPS of those.

Sexual abuse? Domestic violence? Drug/alcohol abuse? Got it. Got it. Got it.

Depression? Suicide? Eating disorders? Self-mutilation? All covered.

Happy books? Ummm… That’s a struggle. I can find you books on all the above sad themes, but – sometimes – with hopeful endings. Will that be ok?

How about happy but without being stupid? Get back to me. There’s a few trying-too-hard-to-be-funny books out there.

What about just straight-out fun reads? How long do you have to wait while I think about it?

Maybe we’re just going to be stuck with Louise Rennison. It’s not that her books are bad – honestly – but if they’re the only happy books out there – we’re doomed.

What do you think? Do you occasionally just want to read a happy book? Or would you rather read depressing issue books all the time? Do you have any happy books you'd recommend?

- Annie

BTW: if you do want to know about any of the other books - let us know in the comments...


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