Friday, April 30, 2010

Bieber fever

Who is Justin Bieber? Where did he come from? Is Justin Bieber the new Prince of Pop?

Just like most wannabe stars, J.B posted videos of himself singing on Youtube, playing his piano or his guitar. These videos became so popular that a marketing executive saw a video of Justin Bieber on You Tube and flew the young man to Atlanta, Georgia. He is now even more popular than the Jonas Brothers, creating a new “feud” with the JB (Jonas Brothers) Fans and the JB (Justin Bieber Fans), pretty funny actually lol.

His new album "My World" has some pretty awesome songs...I don’t want to admit that I like them because he's 16? And I'm 20 but so what? Lol.. music has no age limit!

Check out Justin on Twitter, he posted a video of himself bungee jumping in our awesome country.

BUNGY!!! I love New Zealand!!

And dont forget to take his new album out for a listen, now available at the library...woohoo!

Photo credit: / CC BY 2.0 - Kees


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